Pozzallo is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who decide to visit Eastern Sicily.
Fascinating and rich in culture, it offers many opportunities for recreation: a splendid sea, historic buildings and good food.
Located in a strategic position, it is also the ideal place to stay to visit the many tourist destinations in the surrounding area. Here are the 3 things you must not miss on your holiday in Pozzallo. Santa Maria del Focallo beach
The beach of Santa Maria di Focallo is little known, but it is a real gem.
An expanse of golden sand 8 km long. Clear and crystalline sea, few people, uncontaminated nature, a real oasis of peace and serenity. It is a free beach, no shores, noises, or music … only the sound of the sea and the wind. The shallow seabed makes it the ideal place for families with children or for less experienced swimmers.
This long beach is the ideal place to take long walks at sunset, the sunlight that goes out into the sea will win you over.
Easily accessible, it is located in the district of the same name exactly between Pozzallo and Ispica.Torre CabreraThe history of Pozzallo is ancient and articulated. One of the most interesting monuments, symbol of the town and witness of its past, is certainly the Torre Cabrera. A building that had a considerable military importance. The tower was in fact fundamental for the control of the sea, when the Mediterranean was infested by pirates. On the terraces of the Tower the cannons were positioned, this weapon was the first military strategy to protect the coast. The inside of the tower was guarded by the walls, while the coast was directly controlled by the knights.
Some rooms inside the tower were also inhabited by the noble family that gave its name to the tower: the Cabrera, noble Catalan family. In fact, you can see the presence of the family crest in several rooms.
In 1693, the tower was damaged by the terrible earthquake that struck Sicily, but was rebuilt exactly as originally planned and today is recognized as a national monument. Piazza delle RimembranzeThe most beautiful and important square in Pozzallo is certainly Piazza delle Rimembranze. It rises in the northern area of ​​the country and overlooks the sea. It is one of the meeting places of the town and is always very lively and frequented both by tourists and by the inhabitants of Pozzallo at any time of the day. Surrounded by bars and restaurants it will give you the opportunity to taste the specialties of the place in an absolutely suggestive context . Arriving at the center of the square, surrounded by palm trees, we advise you to look around, you will notice 3 beautiful liberty style buildings built between the 19th and 20th centuries: Palazzo Musso, Palazzo Giunta and Palazzo Pandolfi.