Welcome to Villa Margherita, the place where your holiday takes shape

The Bed & Breakfast of your perfect stay

Villa Margherita in Pozzallo is the perfect place for those who want to have all the comforts of a luxury hotel near the sea and at the same time not stay in a dispersed and impersonal structure. In fact, at Villa Margherita, our customers are guests treated with the utmost kindness and reserve, but also friends and “people nearby” with whom to have a dialogue vis a vis.

The sea next door and night silence

Our guest house facility is located just 150 meters from the sea in a cool and silent place where our guests can rest and sleep peacefully, but also reach on foot one of the most beautiful beaches of the Iblea coast. The Pietre Nere promenade is in fact very close to the structure and from there you will have everything at hand, from ice cream parlors to restaurants, shops and everything for your needs

Villa Margherita is much more!

Proposals to enrich your stay

Our food and wine choices

Affiliated restaurants

Villa Margherita has chosen and affiliated some restaurants and pizzerias in the area precisely because they want to make sure that your holiday can take place in the best ways. Precisely for this reason our reception will offer you a choice of pizzerias, typical trattorias and restaurants with typical dishes based on fish so as to be able to guarantee you the maximum pleasure from our food and wine tradition.

Relax body and mind

Massages in the garden

Villa Margherita, making use of the collaboration with professionals in the sector, offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy massages in the internal garden throughout the summer.

a special day

Pool parties

Villa Margherita organizes for your special events, be they birthdays or other, special days at the pool to spend with your friends and your family. Book early and you will soon be in costume to sip a drink by the pool enjoying the best possible company in a place as serene and welcoming as possible.

the best of the province

The best of the province in NCC

Villa Margherita facilitates the meeting with qualified NCC companies to allow you to visit the province of Ragusa and the Val di Noto taking advantage of the experience and professionalism of companies specialized in our area. Thanks to these and other types of tours you will have the opportunity to visit our territory both from the point of view of the Baroque and from the cultural and enogastronomic aspect.